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Intro to Guitar Master


What you will learn in the
Guitar Master System:

  • The 3-octave scale
  • Techniques to improve your solos
  • Exercises for greater speed, finger agility and strength
  • Multiple scale forms and position studies
  • Efficient moves over the entire fretboard
  • Fundamentals of chord progression
  • Right and left hand techniques
  • Key modulations for smooth transitions
  • Advanced fingering and picking techniques for smoother sound
  • Major & Minor scales and arpeggios
  • Dominant & diminish-seventh modulations

Guitar Mastery is especially difficult.

The guitar has a complex musical structure. "Not For Beginners" is for serious guitarists who desire to raise their performance level and knowledge of the guitar. It sets new and higher standards for mastering both the acoustic and electric guitar. The book contains more than 20 advanced etudes, musical compositions designed to develop technical skill. The compositions contain challenging scale patterns and arpeggios that cover the full three octaves of the fretboard and modulate through many keys. Students will become more familiar with the neck of the guitar than ever before.

Features of Not for Beginners

  • More than 20 compositions for skill development that take you through all the keys and all the positions
  • 3 Octave Scale with fingering, chord symbols and position markings
  • Music in the higher register
  • Advanced picking technique for difficult scales and arpeggios
  • Over 100 pages
  • Available in Tablature Edition
Not for Beginners
Not for Beginners
(with tablature)

This book is one of the most advanced of its kind featuring original transcriptions of works that have resulted in extremely high performance levels for other stringed instruments as well as piano and brass instruments, and based on the advanced system developed by renowned guitarist, Joseph Sgro. The etude studies include established works by composers like Kreutzer, Wohlfart, Kohler & Czerny used by musicians for over a century.



"I have the books and they're excellent. I particularly like that "Not for Beginners" contains the picking notation. We [The University of the Arts] have the books in the library.

Jimmy Bruno
Guitar Virtuoso


Guitar Master books have been endorsed by professional musicians and guitar instructors at numerous schools including:

John Blake,
renowned jazz violinist/ recording artist
Jimmy Bruno,
guitar virtuoso
Rumoro Guitar Academy, Chicago, IL
Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY
Temple University,
Philadelphia, PA
University of the Arts,
Philadelphia, PA
Bucks County Community College,
Newtown, PA