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Intro to Guitar Master


What you will learn in the
Guitar Master System:

  • The 3-octave scale
  • Techniques to improve your solos
  • Exercises for greater speed, finger agility and strength
  • Multiple scale forms and position studies
  • Efficient moves over the entire fretboard
  • Fundamentals of chord progression
  • Right and left hand techniques
  • Key modulations for smooth transitions
  • Advanced fingering and picking techniques for smoother sound
  • Major & Minor scales and arpeggios
  • Dominant & diminish-seventh modulations

"I highly endorse and recommend this method for all aspiring guitarists." - Joseph Sgro.

The Secret of Great Guitar Playing

The Secret of Great Guitar Playing is elusive for most players because challenging materials and methods that take guitarists into the upper echelons of mastery are nearly impossible to find...until now! Guitar Master provides quality, advanced studies written specifically for the acoustic and electric pick-style guitar. Based on the advanced system developed by renowned guitarist, Joseph Sgro, this is one of the best possible courses of study to improve your technique and prepare you to move skillfully and easily over the instrument. Sgro's level of guitar mastery is unrivaled. Learn his amazing system through Guitar Master.

Features and Benefits of the Guitar Master Method

  • 3 octave method--The Guitar Master books present new fingering that provides a logical and systematic approach to mastering all the major and minor scales (including arpeggios) through the entire 3 octave range of the guitar. The uniquness of the guitar rerquires that a student know a minimum of four fingerings for each scale. Part of the "magic" of the new approach is its incoporation of scales and arpeggios with basic chord pogressions.

  • Stretch fingering--There are many occasions when it is necessary to stretch your fingers beyond the range of the position you are playing. The Guitar Master system develops finger independence, agiliy, finger strength, and finger patterns to facilitate moving over the insrument.

  • Soloing and Performance--Guitar Master provides a complete set of progressively difficult material that will raise your level of performance. Development of technical skills along with an understanding of relevant musical theory prepare the Guitar Master student to flexibile, creative when performing, soloing and composing music.
  • Position playing and music notation--Learn fingering and musical notation effortlessly in thirteen positions. GuitarMaster material accelerates learning of musical notes as well as the neck of the guitar.
  • Efficient picking technique--Guitar Master offers a remarkable technique for using the pick in the most efficient way. It is a unique combination of alternate and directional picking. Alternate picking is a constant down and up stroke. In directional picking, the pick always flows in the direction of movement toward the next string. With no wasted motion, this is very practical method.
  • Control and fluidity --The technique taught in the Guitar Master system allows the guitarist to produce a smooth and even sound, with unrivaled control even when playing complex and intricate patterns.

Early in his career during the 1920's, Joseph Sgro discovered the problem in playing complex and intricate passages ton the guitar was in the use of the pick. This led him to develop a completely new approach to using the pick, which he called the JS System of Slur-alternate Picking. This new approach gave him greater efficiency, flexibility and a smoother flow. "This technique," says Sgro, "will be a great aid to guitarists all over the world. I commend Jim Tillman (one of my former students, and author of the Guitar Master System) for taking on the mammoth task of documenting, publishing and preserving the technique. I don't know who else could have the ability to put it in writing. This unique system, I believe, will revolutionize the art of guitar playing."

Renowned guitarist, Joe Sgro is a musical genius who has recorded hundreds of records with top named artists too numerous to mention. Composer, arranger, conductor, and teacher, Sgro was featured as the "world's greatest guitarist" on the Ed McMahon show. A child prodigy, Sgro gave his first concert at the age of ten. Since then, he's worked with practically all the big names in show business including Jackie Gleason, Jan Murray, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, the Victor Hugo band, the Paul Whiteman orchestra, and the Dave Steven's orchestra at CBS to name a few. Joe Sgro has appeared with the Philadelphia orchestra under guest conductors Percy Faith, Andre Kostelanitz and Eugene Ormandy, and played with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra whenever plectrum stringed instruments are required.





"I believe this unique system will revolutionize the art of guitar playing. The technique will be a great aid to guitarists all over the world."

Joseph Sgro,
Renowned Guitarist

Guitar Master books have been endorsed by professional musicians and guitar instructors at numerous schools including:

John Blake,
renowned jazz violinist/ recording artist
Jimmy Bruno,
guitar virtuoso
Rumoro Guitar Academy, Chicago, IL
Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY
Temple University,
Philadelphia, PA
University of the Arts,
Philadelphia, PA
Bucks County Community College,
Newtown, PA

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