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Intro to Guitar Master


What you will learn in the
Guitar Master System:

  • The 3-octave scale
  • Techniques to improve your solos
  • Exercises for greater speed, finger agility and strength
  • Multiple scale forms and position studies
  • Efficient moves over the entire fretboard
  • Fundamentals of chord progression
  • Right and left hand techniques
  • Key modulations for smooth transitions
  • Advanced fingering and picking techniques for smoother sound
  • Major & Minor scales and arpeggios
  • Dominant & diminish-seventh modulations

You've played scales...but not like this!

Guitar Master publishes three different scale books:

With Guitar Master, you won't just play scales. You will modulate through all the major keys by use of the dominant-seventh arpeggio--the fundamental shift you hear in every song from rock to country to classical to jazz. Key shifts by way of modulation are a fundamental element in music composition and solo performance. The guitar, however, presents a very unique challenge because a scale can be performed in a variety of ways using different positions and fingerings. The guitarist who is unfamiliar with multiple methods for moving through the scales and across the entire length of the guitar is at an extreme disadvantage, both mechanically and creatively. Scales and arpeggios are the secrets of great guitar playing and soloing. Few people--even some other guitarists--will recognize when you are practicing scales with the Guitar Master system because many of them sound like songs.

Scales for Beginners

Covers 13 major scales, including sharps and flats, and accelerates the learning of musical notes and the neck of the guitar up to the fourth fret. Tablature, fingering and notes on every page, along with important advice on picking makes this the perfect first book for the new guitarist.
  • 13 major scales with tablature and fingering
  • Covers sharps and flats
  • Letters over every note to help you learn site reading
  • Only $7.95!
Scales for Beginners
Ultimate Guide to Scales and Arpeggios

Every guitarist should know a minimum of four distinct forms (positions and fingerings) for each scale to effectively cover the full fingerboard. And a complete knowledge of scales and arpeggios is essential to the mastery of all musical instruments. Guitar Master's Ultimate Guide to Scales and Arpeggios is a four-book series that gives the student a logical, systematic approach to mastering all the major and minor scales including arpeggios. The corner stone of the Series is Book 1. It is imperative that the student becomes completely familiar with the form presented in this book before advancing to Book 2 which features the 3-octave scale. Book 3 sets the stage for improvisation and complete guitar mastery combining the scale forms of Books 1, 2 and 3. Book 3 introduces the guitarist to some of the most significant and indespensible keys to cultivating musical genius--advanced chord progression using the whole tone scale and the cycle of fifths. Book 4 includes two scale forms and covers other advanced topics such as double stops and chromatics. No serious musician should be without this advanced musical knowledge for unrivaled technical skill and complete creative freedom.

  • Nearly 200 pages of major and minor scales and arpeggios in each book--almost 800 pages in all!
  • 8 sections containing major and minor scales, and arpeggios with dominant and diminish-seventh modulation
  • Chord progressions
  • Fingering and position marking
  • Tablature section of major and minor scales
Scales/Arpeggios Book 1
Scales/Arpeggios Book 2
(with 3-octave scale)
Scales/Arpeggios Book 3
(chord progressions)
Scales/Arpeggios Book 4
(two scale forms)
Scales/Arpeggios Set
(Books 1, 2, 3, 4)
4 Essential Scale Forms

Every Guitarist Should Know a minimum of four distinct forms (positions and fingerings) for each scale to effectively cover the full fingerboard. The Ultimate Guide to the 4 Essential Major & Minor Scale Forms is an "encyclopedia" of the most important scale forms you need to know to master your movement over the guitar, produce a more melodic sound and take the guess work out of improvisation. This book includes the scales forms presented in Guitar Master's Ulimate Guide to Scales & Arpeggios, and equips you with an advanced level of knowledge, versatility, and skill absolutely essential for mastering the intricacies of the guitar.

  • Every scale conspicuously marked with position and finger notations
  • Tablature notation in every section
  • Detailed descpription of how to play each scale--you can't get lost
  • Covers the 4 most essential scale forms every guitarist should know
  • Includes major and minor scales through 3-Octaves
  • Over 200 pages!
4 Essential Scale Forms
(vol. 1)
4 Essential Scale Forms
(vol. 2)

4 Essential Scale Forms Set
(vols. 1 & 2)









Every guitarist should know a minimum of four distinct scale forms to effectively cover the full fingerboard. And a complete knowledge of scales and arpeggios is essential to the mastery of all musical instruments.


Guitar Master books have been endorsed by professional musicians and guitar instructors at numerous schools including:

John Blake,
renowned jazz violinist/ recording artist
Jimmy Bruno,
guitar virtuoso
Rumoro Guitar Academy, Chicago, IL
Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY
Temple University,
Philadelphia, PA
University of the Arts,
Philadelphia, PA
Bucks County Community College,
Newtown, PA